Amicreative by amita nair

The Story of Your Favorite Uncommonly Beautiful Home Goods & Gifts

When you’re searching for the perfect gift (for a friend - or for yourself!) that you won’t find on the shelf anywhere else… you’re in the right place.


Rich in color, emotion, and beauty, Amicreative creates artisanal products for everyday life.

Inspired by my Indian heritage and rooted in my deep love for the Pacific Northwest, I strive to instill inspiration and beauty into your every day.

From your home to your relationships to your favorite notepad and, of course, to yourself, there’s beauty and peace to be found in what surrounds us.

It is my mission that the drawings and designs catch your eye, the warmth and richness of the colors, patterns, and layers draw you even further in, and that the beauty of it all nestles deep down into your soul - until you feel refreshed, embraced, and inspired.


Whether it’s the apron you slip on before cooking a quick weeknight meal or it’s the glimpse of your favorite keychain as you start your car, let yourself be enveloped in the whimsy and charm of Amicreative.

Hi, I’m Amita, the artist behind Amicreative

After working as a graphic designer and illustrator for over 15 years, I launched Amicreative in 2018 at a small local craft fair, with the dream that I could use my art to create thoughtfully made stationery (and a few mugs). Today, my products have expanded to include paper, gifts and home goods and can be found in boutiques nationwide. 

Each of my products from stickers to scarves is designed by me, in my home studio in Renton, Washington. My artwork can also be found on other products through partnerships with companies such as Phoebe Fabrics, Geometry Home and Jiggy Puzzles.  

I spend my days creating artwork, rich in details, that embody the belief that even the simplest greeting card or sticker, thoughtfully made, can remind each of us that we are unique and still connected.  I hope you also find just what you’re looking for, or perhaps something surprising to add a bit of joy and peace to your everyday life - whether it’s a mug, an enamel pin, or a silk scarf.

We believe...

  • ✦ Beauty is an invaluable tool that heals, inspires, and cultivates endless amounts of joy

  • ✦ In chasing balance, not perfection

  • ✦ That every day holds a moment for peace and stillness (we only need to look for it)

  • ✦That quality matters and the details make the design

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