Amicreative Shines at the Louie Awards with 'Diwali Flowers' Card

Amicreative Shines at the Louie Awards with 'Diwali Flowers' Card

We are thrilled to share a remarkable achievement that has us filled with pride and joy: our "Diwali Flowers" greeting card has been chosen as a finalist for the Religious Celebrations category in the Louie Awards, organized by the Greeting Card Association.

A Remarkable Honor

The Louie Awards are the pinnacle of recognition in the US-based greeting card industry. For Amicreative, a brand that blends culture and artistry, this achievement is particularly special. We are humbled and honored to stand among a group of extraordinary companies and artists who have poured their hearts and souls into creating cards that touch lives.

Diwali Flowers: A Card Inspired by Culture and Artistry

Our "Diwali Flowers" card is a piece of our hearts, crafted with love and inspiration. It features intricate florals and delicate gold foil accents, all inspired by the beauty of "Jali," an ornamental carved lattice stone often found in Indian architecture. This card, much like our brand, is a celebration of culture and artistry, encapsulating the spirit of Diwali.

A Journey Beyond Expectations

This recognition is a journey beyond our expectations, reminding us that authenticity, creativity, and a deep connection to culture can lead to remarkable destinations.

As we eagerly await the results, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you who has supported us on this incredible journey.

At Amicreative, we believe in making everyday moments extraordinary. "Diwali Flowers" is just one example of how we aim to achieve this. Stay tuned for more updates, and together, let's celebrate the beauty that art and everyday life bring to our world. Thank you for being part of this incredible journey.

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